"Chaque vue aussi banale soit-elle, est à peindre ou à dessiner.

L'important est le lien émotionnel qui s'établit pour donner une âme affective au sujet."

Georges Yoldjoglou


Who am I ?

Georges Yoldjoglou

Greek origin, born in Paris on June 25th, 1933

1952 - Entrance examination of decorative Arts
1952 - Awarded Bronze Medal of the city of Paris
1955 - Third prize of the cigarette poster Gitanes
1956 à 1990 - French Designer, Creator and Artistic Director of medals and posters to the group "TOTAL", Atochem, EDF, SNCF, among other companies, have given him their trust in his creations.
1990 - Member of the Taylor Foundation
1955 à 1992 - Creator of posters, stamps and laureate of States Competition for the design of coins.
1993 - Winner of the Best Crown coin design, Winter Sport, Best Crown coin of the year winner. Baltimore U.S.A.
1996 - Illustrated Colette's art book “Belles Saisons” with original colored lithographies edited by: Pierre de Tartas, Paris
1996 - Laureat of the French State Competition for the design of a symbolic motive for aircraft-carrier “Charles de Gaule”
2004 - Promoted by the French government "Chevalier dans l‘Ordre des Arts & Lettres"


1961 - Galerie Petridès
1967 - Galerie 55, Paris
1969 à 2004 - Galerie des Orfèvres, Paris
1977 à 1979 - Galerie “La Caverne des Arts”, Chantilly
1978 - Galerie Bradkte Grand Duché du Luxembourg
1980 à 1990 - Galerie du RITZ Paris
1988 - Exposition à New York, Chicago,Beverly Hills
1988 à 1992 - Galerie de Saulx à Beaune
1989 à 1993 - Galerie Sylvie Rufin, Versailles
1992 - Galerie du Touquet, Le Touquet
1998 - Galerie Marine, Ile de Ré
1992 - Galerie Fine Arts. Monaco
1994 à 1997 - Galerie Triangle, Paris
1994 à 2000 - Galerie du Château, Auray
1994 - Canal l7l, Paris
1995 à 1997 - Galerie Joël Dupuis, Hardelot
1994 à 1998 - Moulin de Vauboyen, Bièvres
1999 - Galerie Tuffier, les Andelys
2000 - Galerie Obeniche, Honfleur


1957 à 2004 - Salon de la Préfecture de Police
1978 à 2005 - Salon de la Marine
1979 à 1993 - Salon d’Automne, Sociétaire
1982 à 1984 - Salon des peintres témoins de leur temps
1982 à 2003 - Salon de la peinture à Venu
1985 - Salon des Artistes Français
1994 - Salon Biennale des Beaux Arts.


Antibes : Musée de la Ville
Avignon : Musée du Vieil Avignon
Cannes : Musée de la Castre
Menton : Musée de la ville
Paris : Institut de France
Versailles : Musée de la Ville
Lima, Pérou : Musée National


Fondation Konrad Adenauer, Bonn
Fondation Cino del Duca, Paris
Collection Giovanni Agnelli
Collection Pierre Cardin
Collection Olivier Dassault
Collection Baron Empain
Collection S.M. Moda Hassan al Bolkiah
Sultan de Bruneï




M.Georges Yoldjoglou
Member of a approved association
2, place de la porte d’Auteuil
75016 Paris - France
SIRET : 34783848400017
TVA intracommunautaire : FR 37347838484


FOR ANY INFORMATION Please contact :
Contact : Georges Yoldjoglou
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Tel : 06 83 36 20 70
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The following general conditions of sale details the obligations of the sales site: www.georges-yoldjoglou.com and its client in the framework of sales and delivery of the products offered for sale by www.georges-yoldjoglou.com. These general conditions of sale precise notably the treatment of orders, payment, delivery and the control of product's return by the buyer. All services carried out by www.georges-yoldjoglou.com involve, therefore, the buyer adhesion without reservations to these general conditions of sale.


The buyer's act of filling and validating the order form means the buyer's entire acceptance of these present general conditions of sale which will be the only applicable ones in this eventually concluded contract.


Paintings are sold unframed. The prices indicated at www.georges-yoldjoglou.com are in Euros inclusive of all taxes except buyer's share in goods transfer (see delivery). All paintings ordered are billed at indicated prices (plus delivery costs, if any) at the moment of order registration. For orders out of France, the buyer is the importer of the purchased painting. As for the paintings exported out of the European Community, domestic taxes might occur in the importing country. These taxes and their payment do not concern www.georges-yoldjoglou.com. They are at buyer's charges and buyer's full responsibility on their import declaration and taxes payment to the competent authorities of that country. Paintings remain the entire property of www.georges-yoldjoglou.com till their full payment at indicated prices.

3 - ORDERS :

www.georges-yoldjoglou.com will confirm the receipt of the buyer's order by an e-mail message to the buyer's indicated address. The sale will not be valid before the confirmation of the order and its payment by an e-mail message from www.georges-yoldjoglou.com. www.georges-yoldjoglou.com has the right to refuse or cancel any order of insolvent buyers; notably in case of payment defect of the puchase, problems with a delivery, present or past, or any litigation concerning an insolvency of the present or a former order. All information (name, address, delivery and billing address etc) indicated by the buyer at the moment of the buyer's order are binding on the buyer. www.georges-yoldjoglou.com will not be held responsible for the errors done by the buyer at the moment of placing the order, which may produce a delivery delay or an impossibility of delivery.


In France, all paintings are delivered pre-paid free of delivery charges. For other European countries, a fixed amount of 200€ to be added to the painting price to cover conditioning and delivery. For all other countries, please contact us. When full payment is received, the delivery delay varies from 2-3 workdays in France; 4-8 days for European community. For other destinations, the delay varies, therefore consult us. Merchandises will be delivered to the only address communicated by the buyer, unless otherwise stated. If the merchandise arrives damaged or the crate open or repacked (except if this is done by customs authorities),the buyer has the right to refuse such delivery. In this case, the buyer must inform www.georges-yoldjoglou.com immediately so that www.georges-yoldjoglou.com can do the necessary and submit a detailed report to the transport and insurance companies. Attention: All risks relative to delivery and transport are covered by www.georges-yoldjoglou.com on the condition that the buyer had verified the merchandise on arrival and had, if this is the case, exercised his right to place a claim with www.georges-yoldjoglou.com within 48 hours, even for a delivery in France. The coverage of these risks is effective as soon as the merchandise is entrusted to the transport company.


In case of a merchandise damage, it is up to the buyer to hold precise reservations with the transport company in putting them in writing in the space "Under reservation" ("sous réserve") on the delivery receipt (dispatch note) so that the buyer could profit of the insurance contract. It is very important to transmit by e-mail to www.georges-yoldjoglou.com a detailed list of damages within 48 hours of receipt of the merchandise.


The proposed products are conformable with French legislations. www.georges-yoldjoglou.com will not be held responsible in case of non-respect of the legislations of the importing country. It is up to the buyer to verify, beforehand, with the local authorities of the possibility of importing and using the merchandise the buyer intends to acquire. The photographies of merchandises and the accompanying textes are not contractual. Therefore, www.georges-yoldjoglou.com shall not be held liable in case of any error in them. Moreover, www.georges-yoldjoglou.com shall not be held liable as to the non-execution of the sale contract in case of stock termination, unavailability of the product, force majeure, social disturbances, general or partial strike, especially of postal services or means of transport, communications failure, floods and fire.


Satisfied or refunded - Right of retraction If the buyer's purchase does not correspond to the buyer's expectations, the buyer has a delay of 7 days, provided by Article L 121-16 of French Consumers Code, to exercise a right of retraction with neither any obligation to justify the motives of refusal of the merchandise nor any penalty to pay except, should the occasion arise, the fees of the return of merchandise. The buyer can, in this delay of 7 days, return the merchandise at the buyers charges together with its bill for a refund. By regard to efficiency, we request the buyer to contact us by e-mail in the column "Contact", accessible at Home page, before deciding to return the merchandise.


The price billed to the buyer is the indicated price on the confirmation of the order communicated by www.georges-yoldjoglou.com. The price of the merchandise, and eventually delivery fees, are payable in advance by any of the means proposed by www.georges-yoldjoglou.com at the moment of placing an order.


The artist remains the owner of author rights. All rights reserved. No part of the materials proposed by www.georges-yoldjoglou.com may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means; electronic, mechanical,photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the coopyright owner.


LThe present general conditions are stated and interpreted conformably with French law. In case of any litigations,which may occur between the two parties, namely with the non-execution of the present accord, a friendly solution should be looked for before taking any legal or juridical action. In the impossibility of a friendly settlement, by commun consent, only the French tribunals have the competency to deliver any judgement to these litigations.


The nominal information transmitted by the buyer to www.georges-yoldjoglou.com concerning this mail-order selling are obligatory and absolutely necessary for data processing, delivery of the merchandise, billing, and guarantee. Absence of full information may lead to non-validation of the order. The article 34 of the law of 6 january 1978 grants the buyer an access right to check the information submitted by the buyer to www.georges-yoldjoglou.com, modify, rectify or suppress them on a condition that the buyer informs www.georges-yoldjoglou.com through e-mail beforehand.


We pay a particular attention to the protection of the buyer's submitted personal information. www.georges-yoldjoglou.com pledge to not communicating these information, freely or against payment, to any third party.

Payment Terms and Deliveries


Once you place your order, write your check to the order of: M.Georges Yoldjoglou indicating the order number that has been given to you and send all to : :

M.Georges Yoldjoglou
2, place de la porte d’Auteuil
75016 Paris - France

On receipt of buyer's payment check, we prepare the purchased article. Once the check is cashed, we immediately send the painting to the address given to us by the buyer. Any check that cannot be cashed will automatically lead to order cancellation.

On demand, we will communicate the buyer our bank references. On receipt of payment by our bankers, we will send the painting to the address indicated by the buyer.